Rotten Kepken (rotten_k) wrote,
Rotten Kepken

"Blue Reflection Ray", 2021 - анонс.

Добрались руки поглядеть, что там в новостях - а там

A clear summer sky spreads over the Hoshinomiya Girls' High School. This story begins with the belated start of school life for Hinako Shirai, who has just recovered from a leg injury due to a tragic accident. The magical sisters Yuzu and Lime bestowed her with a special power to become a "Reflector." Hinako transforms into the magical Reflector form and protects the world from devastating forces for the sake of the world, and her own dream that she thought she had to give up on.


- но. в общем, это нам магический сёдзё-ай на весну.

Tags: 2021 весна, blue reflection ray, предварительные данные

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