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Просто так: пиратское.

"Пиратское" в том смысле, что про режиссёра "Mouretsu Pirates/Школьницы Кирк и Спок грабят корованы".

Тацуо Сато отдохнул, отъелся, посвежел, поздоровел и заявил, что будет снимать аж две новые работы - экранизацию и ориджинал.

Anime writer and director Tatsuo Sato teased two new upcoming projects — an adaptation and an original work — on Twitter on Friday. "I'm sure there'll be a lot more announcements coming as we head into April," Sato said. "This looks to be a giant wave of them."

On the adaptation, Sato commented, "Met with the author yesterday. It was the same thing with Mouretsu Pirates, but being told 'I'll leave it to you' gives me just as much encouragement as it does pressure. Just how far can we do? Just how far can we go?"

"In other news," Sato continued, "the original work is crawling along. I've got to hurry up and get it together."


Подробности, говорит, в апреле. Ну, уже скоро.
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