Rotten Kepken (rotten_k) wrote,
Rotten Kepken

"Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de", 2014 - анонс.

Содержание вроде как вполне стандартно, даже стандартней некуда:

In the orignal novel series' story, the five members of the literature club awakened with extraordinary powers half a year ago. Although the members expected to be thrown into a world of super-powered battles (inou-battle) at their school, their normal daily routine continued. No secret organizations bent on world destruction, no super-powered wars, no braves or demon kings.

However, the members still look forward to the possibilities of adventure, and continued to believe that with each day, they were getting ever closer to those days of fantasy. Their days of romantic comedy and battles with extraordinary powers begin!


Только одно маленькое "но": снимать сериал будет "Trigger".

Ха-ха. Ждём.
Tags: 2014, inou battle wa nichijou-kei no naka de, предварительные данные
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