February 26th, 2015


"Kantai Collection", е8, 2015.


Всё. Дорвались проклятые японские реваншисты до своей любимой темы.

Впечатляет, ох впечатляет...

Новая база.

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Просто так: гиблевое.

И тут с утра пораньше фейсбуком и shokaku_2 приносит:

While Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata's film Princess Kaguya did not win the Academy Award for best animated feature (boo), the good news is Takahata "has his mind set" on his next work according to an interview with AP.

Takahata’s next film will be "a story about exploited girls, forced to work as nannies with infants strapped on their backs" and the lullabies they sang.