November 20th, 2013


"Kiseiju", 2014 - анонс.

Вау. Сай-фай с наиклассической фабулой про мозговых слизней (почти... но всё равно про слизней):

The story is set in a world where alien beings called Parasites come to Earth. They start taking over humans by entering in through their noses and ears and attaching themselves to their brains. One alien called Migi is only able to take over high school student Shinichi Izumi's right arm, and is unable to control Shinichi completely. Migi and Shinichi learn to co-exist, and the two battle other Parasites who see humans only as food.


И обложки очень радуют:

"Pupipo!", 2014 - анонс.

ANN говорит, что будет "комедийный хоррор", но из описания на MAL'е этого как-то не видно:

Himeji Wakaba is a 5th year elementary school student, and she has the ability to see things that others can't. They are mostly frightening evil spirits, and they tend to do bad things to people who are close to her. As a result, Wakaba has no friends and rarely smiles. On a couple of occasions, she brings home stray animals, but her parents won't let her keep them. However, they're worried about their sad, creepy daughter, so one day they decide that whatever Wakaba brings home next, they'll let her keep.

The next thing she brings home is a pink monster called "Pupipo," but her parents stand by their decision and let her keep it. No one is quite sure what Pupipo is, but it protects Wakaba from the other things she sees. Pupipo also helps Wakaba make friends with an occult-obsessed transfer student and solve problems with bullying. Wakaba's life is a much better place with her pet pink monster!

И совершенно охренительный чардиз, я в полнейшем восторге:

Единственное - опасаюсь, что может быть пятиминутка.

"Isshuukan Friends", 2014 - анонс.

Во-первых, понравилось описание:

The story of the manga revolves around Yuuki, a boy who wants to become friends with his classmate and desk neighbor Kaori. However, she gently declines his friendship, saying, "But, my... Memories of my friends disappear in a week..." Even so, Yuuki wants to become her friend, and so the two become friends over and over again as the weeks pass.


Во-вторых - не знаю, как будет в анимэ, а вот у манги рисовка просто чудеснейшая:

В общем, жду.

"Mushishi Special", 2014 - анонс.

Yuki Urushibara's upcoming two-chapter manga for her "Mushishi" series is getting a one-hour anime adaptation on January 4.

Hiroshi Nagahama is returning to direct the "Mushishi Tokubetsu-hen: Hihamukage" ("Mushishi Special: Sun-Eating Shade") project at animation studio Artland. Yoshihiko Umakoshi is also returning to serve as character designer and chief animation director.


Короче, мне надо ещё что-нибудь дропнуть из текущего сезона (да хоть тех же "Токийский ворон"), быстренько посмотреть сериал и начинать ждать часовой спешл.