October 28th, 2013


"Log Horizon", e4, 2013.

Единственное, что бои не получаются динамичными - т.к. приходится постоянно пояснять, кто что сделал и в чём, собственно, заключается тот или иной хитрый план - а больше никаких "но", одно сплошное удовольствие.

Ну и Нянта - это кошак года, без сомнения.

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Просто так: лиричное.

О как!

Lyrical Nanoha announces a “new project” in Nyantype’s December issue – just what kind of project remains wrapped up, but like any successful Nanoha title, naked girls will surely be a major part of it.

Nyantype has a few manga products to its label, but being mainly an anime magazine, and the fact Nanoha has a thousand many other manga series ongoing as is, another animated exploit would be a better choice. The latest film was sensational, another movie or two, if not a whole new season to add to the existing three, would be a solid option. Nanoha does have a third film still awaiting a release date and promotional fanfare, but then again, this notice explicitly mentions a “new project” – not one already coming soon.


Т.е. помимо мувика "3rd Reflection" нам сделают что-то ещё.