August 12th, 2013

"Shingeki no Kyojin", е18, 2013.

Чем-то мне это напоминает "Новую надежду" - когда няша Вейдер методично и красиво уничтожает массовку. Правда, Эрен на Люка как-то не очень тянет, и я с некоторой тоской жду, как он возьмёт и превратится в титана, и в ход пойдёт ПАФОС.

Но пока пафоса нет, зато есть совершенно офигительные съёмки (кстати, кто-нибудь, покажите это всяким майклабэям, пусть поучатся).

Три человека. Одна лошадь.

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Просто так: танковое.

Ух ты, про "танковый биатлон" уже и CR пишет:

Relations between the US and Russian aren't so rosy these days. There's the Snowden matter. There's the calls to boycott the Sochi Olympics. According to some diplomats, Putin detests Obama. But, now the Russians are proposing a solution to simmering hostilities. Basically, a bit of "Girls und Panzer" IRL.

An invitation extended while Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu in Washington on Friday.

Defense Minister Shoigu repeated the invitation during a Friday press conference, and according to Russia's RIA Novosti, Shoigu says the U.S. agreed.

"'We've invited our American colleagues to participate ... and our invitation was accepted by US Secretary of Defense [Chuck] Hagel,' Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Saturday".

Russia has already hosted at least two tank biathlons. Another, the championship, is planned next week.

The event is described:

"In the tank biathlon, every tank runs almost 20 kilometres at a maximum possible speed, while firing from all weapons the targets, which are rising in different directions and distances. On the course, a tank has to pass repeatedly a ford, fences, a rut bridge, high-speed sections and overtaking passages. At all the times, the crew remains constantly in the firing position".

Остался последний шаг: сделать танковый биатлон женским видом спорта - и ОК!