May 27th, 2013


"Shingeki no Kyojin", е8, 2013.

Не, ну круто же, да?!

Да, конечно, это вполне себе сёнэн с пафосами и превозмоганиями. Только прошу заметить одно "но": ВСЕ сёнэны - они с П&П, но вот смотрят отнюдь не всех. Смотрят тех, у кого есть что-то "сверху", помимо жанровых клише.

У "Титанов" это "что-то", безусловно, имеется.


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"Nisekoi", 2013(?) - анонс.

Романтика будет, да:

As a child, Raku Ichijo made a secret promise with his childhood sweetheart, keeping a pendant as a memento while his love took the key. He dreams of one day meeting his past love, but years later, reality smashes his hopes when Chitoge Kirisaki accidentally knees him in the face...

Though Raku's a normal high schooler, his family heads the notorious yakuza gang the Shuei-Gumi faction! And he's dragged into family affairs when he's forced into a relationship with Chitoge, the daughter of a rival gang's boss!

Despite their constant spats, the two somehow fool everyone with their false relationship. Raku then discovers that Chitoge has a mysterious key from her past, which she can't remember... Plus, two other girls appear with keys as well—Kosaki Onodera and Marika Tachibana!

Caught in the midst of this love maelstrom, even more complications arise for Raku when his class decides on Romeo and Juliet as the class's play for the school festival. Can the two false lovebirds pull off the impossible and make the play a success?!


Во-первых, снимать в 2010-х анимэ про "детское обещание" - это надо обладать некоторым нахальством.

Во-вторых, романтика романтикой, гаремник гаремником, но всё это разворачивается на фоне якудзы, что может быть весело.

В-третьих и главных - офигенной кавайности дизайны:
(да, милые цундерят, а вокруг якудза - короче. мне это нравится)

"Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku", 2013 - вдогонку.

Хм, оно будет летом-13, а я прошляпил анонс.

В любом случае, суть сериала такова:

When a friend asks Natsuki what high school club she's going to join, she cheerfully responds "the go-home club" (meaning, she's not going to join any of them). However, she soon realizes that this club actually exists at her high school, and she's just expressed interest in joining it! Before she knows it, she ends up as one of the two new members of "the go-home club," which is a small group of eccentric school girls. One of the girls likes fighting bears, while another is ridiculously rich. But what exactly constitutes the activities of "the go-home club"?


Вообще, конечно, разнообразие предлогов, под которыми обыкновенные японские школьницы пинают балду, просто поражает.


Ну вы понимаете - чай, тортик, недокажете. Короче, надо смотреть.