May 10th, 2013


"Nobunagun", 2013(?) - анонс.

The June issue of Comic Earth Star magazine is revealing on Saturday that an anime adaptation of Masato Hisa's Nobunagun manga is in the works.

The "stylish action" manga opens with high school girl Shio Ogura visiting Taiwan on school trip, when she is caught in a surprise attack by monsters called "Evolved Invaders." The military is useless against them, but in the middle of the chaos, the mysterious E-Gene Holder agents from the government organization DOGOO appear.

Thanks to technology, these agents wield weapons infused with the spirits of great historical figures. Gandhi is now a barrier, and Newton is a gravitational maneuver. When her friend is endangered, Shio awakens the ability to wield one such weapon — the great Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga as a giant machine gun.


Ну вы поняли. да?

Во-первых, там будет няша с Огромной Пушкой. Во-вторых, там будет Ньютон, что вообще с ходу вин. В-третьих, в PTW без вариантов.

PS Кому интересно - рекламный ролик манги: