April 10th, 2013


"Guskou Budori no Denki", 2012.

Дичайшее разочарование.

По сути, в фильме нет ничего приличного, кроме некоторых дизайнов (когда они не портятся диким и аляповатым 3D).

Собственно, ради котов и смотрел.

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Мысль вслух: злобное.

If you're thinking "left over April Fools' joke," you're not the only one, but credible global movie news site Twitch is reporting rumors that "Ju-On" and "The Grudge" director Shimizu Takashi is on board for a live action adaptation of "Kiki's Delivery Service".

Twitch says its an adaptation of the beloved Hayao Miyazaki anime movie, but in theory, if such a project exists, it could be an adaptation of Eiko Kadono’s original book.

This is far from the first mention of a live action Kiki. In 2005, Variety broke the story that Jeff Stockwell was writing a live-action adaptation for Disney.


Боже, отними у японцев кинокамеры.