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"Sanzoku no Musume Ronia", 2014 - анонс.

Вот так сидишь себе, никого не трогаешь, про лисичек смотришь - и тут БА-БАХ! - к тебе вдруг спускаются ангелы небесные с заявлением, что жизнь прекрасна.

Goro Miyazaki will direct a television anime adaptation of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren's "Ronia the Robber's Daughter" children's fantasy book. The series, titled "Sanzoku no Musume Ronia" in Japan, will air on NHK and BS Premium this fall. POLYGON PICTURES ("Knights of Sidonia", "The Sky Crawlers") is animating the 3D CG series in collaboration with Studio Ghibli. The show will mark the first time that Miyazaki is directing a television anime series.

Miyazaki said of the series "Ronia the Robber's daughter is a story not just about a girl who grows into adulthood, but it is also a story about the love and growth between a parent and a child, and a story about the bonds between friends. My goal is to create a work that everyone, from children to adults, will be able to enjoy".

Hiroyuki Kawasaki is handling the series composition. NHK Enterprise is producing the series, and NHK and Dwango are handling production and writing.


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