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"Fate/Stay night 2", 2014 - новости.

Вот, сообщают:

The Fate/Stay Night anime series is due Fall 2014.
– The director is Takahiro Miura
– Character designs are done by Tomonori Sudo, Hisayuki Tabata and Atsushi Ikariya.
– Half the scenario is completed.
– Voice recording began Fall 2013.
– Some episodes have already been completed.
– They’re doing an original route with this adaption. The original content is done by Nasu.
– There are new costume designs – modern casual wear for Shirou and Rin and some jacket for casual Saber.
– The atmosphere will be serious, similar to Fate/Zero, but will have some comical moments.
– Fans will feel the connection to Fate/Zero.
– They want to portray Shirou properly as a main character.


Хорошие новости, в общем.

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