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"Rail Wars!", 2014(?) - анонс.

Этого просто не может быть. Я не верю. Так не бывает. Вообще.

Это... понимаете, тут никаких описаний не требуется. Тут надо просто увидеть обложку ранобэ/манги, любую - и сразу всё станет понятно.

Да, именно. Добрая половина железнодорожного арта в моём (и не только) ЖЖ - она как раз оттуда, из "Rail wars!", и скоро это будет анимэ:

Ну и описание:

The synopsis is entirely original – it follows a second-year highschool student selected to be the new footstool (intern) at the seemingly prominent “Public Rail Road Security Corps”. The situation already sounds incredibly interesting for a few reasons – it’s focusing on an occupation over a place of education for one, and a rail company at that!? Quite unusual.

Yet stranger than that, the protagonist is disappointed – a starting position with a highly recognized company apparently doesn’t please him. Protagonist-kun was hoping to live his life like other protagonists of his kind, a nobody loser who has little better to do than head home and stick his head under the sheets – he wanted to live a life of “peace and quiet”, and yet now, finds himself working for what is apparently one of the most dangerous job opportunities in Japan.


upd О, оказывается, к выходу седьмого тома имеется превьюшка, и она, мегокрута:
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