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Просто так: готичное.

(Стандартное замечание о том, что мы всё-таки в раю живём)

Итак, они решили вернуть "Gosick". Пока что в качестве ранобэ. Пока что.

Publisher "Kadokawa Shoten" opened the official website for Kazuki Sakuraba's "Gosick RED" project on Tuesday. The sequel novel project takes place in 1931, and will reunite characters Victorique de Blois and Kazuya Kujou from the original series. The "long-awaited revival" will debut on December 25. Gosick anime director Hitoshi Nanba posted illustrations promoting the new project, including one by "Gosick" manga artist Sakuya Amano.

The new novel, which celebrates of the 10th anniversary of the Gosick franchise, is set in New York. Kazuya Kujou now works as a newspaper reporter, while Victorique is a private detective. As Victorique investigates a gang-related serial murder case for a client, Kujou goes to report on a well-known doctor who says he "heals psychological trauma with the science of the heart". The riddle of the serial murders that have no consistent modus operandi, and the mystery of the "dream diagnosis" given by counseling … The connection between the two is revealed, and a frightening conspiracy is unveiled.


Чёрт побери! Нью-Йорк, Кудзё-репортёр и Викторика, работающая по профессии, серийные убийства, заговоры, конспирология... давайте, объявляйте уже о создание анимэ-сиквела.

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